Import / Export Customs Clearance (B2B, B2C)

Mechanism of B2B, B2C


We can meet the various needs of our customers by providing sea and air transportation that connects Japan with countries around the world in partnership with partners around the world.

Customs clearance and bonded operations

JHSS directly manages a bonded warehouse and provides optimal and reliable services to customers by providing integrated processing of customs clearance and bonded operations for import and export cargo and proposals for reasonable costs.

Customs Clearance

B2B / FBA customs clearance

In addition to various B2B customs clearance, we can provide one-stop support from customs clearance to delivery of FBA (IOR, ACP) cargo of AMAZON JAPAN.


We directly manages a bonded warehouse specializing in cross-border e-commerce, and can handle his one-stop service from customs clearance of personally imported cargo to delivery to a courier company.

Freight information can be confirmed in real time by sellers and customers who have ordered products by linking customs clearance and LMD delivery status data (API) with partner companies in each country.

■ We will link and adjust to the system of the partner company.

About import / export customs clearance

Export business flow

Import business flow

The specific business contents as a customs broker are mainly classified into the following 7 items.

1. Check documents and declare to customs

2. Witnessing customs inspection

3. Payment of customs duty and consumption tax

4. Work related to picking up cargo

5. Devanning, vanning agency and arrangements

6. Arrange domestic delivery

7. Customs Administration (ACP)